Music, the Essence of Life

logo3Music is an activity in an art and cultural The medium of it is sound. The pitch that governs the melody and harmony of the music and the rhythm, dynamics which includes the loudness and softness, and qualities of timbre and texture. Music can be performed with a vast range of instruments. Music is an important part of the life in which people can sing in the way they want.

Different cultures have different of ways for the music. Music plays a key role in the religious rituals and other ceremonies like marriage and parties.

The industry of music includes the individuals who can create melodious songs and musical pieces like composers and songwriters. A person who perform music that includes jazz band, orchestra and rock band musicians, singers.

A career in singing music:

singing-careerPeople who want to make a career in the field of music has to learn it from a professional trainer and have to spend time for the daily practice because the continuous practice is the key to success in the music field.  A person should have a great patience for learning the music.

 In Western classical music, it is an act of composing which includes the creation notation sheets, which is then, performs by a composer and other singers or musicians. In traditional music and popular music the act of composing is usually called a songwriting which can involve the creation of a necessary outline of the song that is called the lead sheet, which sets out the songs melody and lyrics. Music is a pleasant sound which leads us to an experience of happiness

All dances in the world performed on music. Music is the most important factor for dance. No dance can be performed without music. People of different countries dances on the different types of music they have in their countries.

Music gives a feeling of joy and makes a sad people happy. Music can energize a person that he can forget his tiredness and get involve into it.header

Music is loved by all living creatures that everybody feels nice to listen to it.

Music has an ultimate power of healing, music can relax the tense muscles of the body.

gdt_career_alumniIt is no doubt of the various powers of music, the aspect of music has the greatest value to the human being. The emotional aspects of the music are the essential part of the music. There is no achievement can be as great as the spiritual uplifting and emotional aspects that we get from music.

Music can create a great excitement in our life and it may stir up the feelings of love, affection, and sympathy.

Some songs can melt the heart of a rude people. Patriotic songs that awakens people of the country.

Music can listen by every age of peoples. Kids start dancing when they hear the music.

The great fact is that music is for the life. Music has a quality that helps us to concentrate more on the studies. Music relaxes a person so that he can feel happy.